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“The songwriting retreat was more than a wise choice, it was an investment in knowledge, friendship and passion for music. This experience not only gave me friends for a lifetime but also opened my eyes to the importance of music in people’s lives. It helps healing, celebrating, crying, and has the power to make us travel in time and memories. The guests and the workshops were all handpicked and all the details perfectly planned to make us feel open, inspired and full of good vibes. I was delighted by the opportunity to learn from professionals that are not only super talented, but also amazing people with great hearts and so much humility. Co-writing with other people like me, who are on the first steps and some other more experienced musicians has opened my eyes to a new dimension of creativity, new genres and different cultural backgrounds. Can’t wait for next year’s retreat. No matter where or when, all I know is I’ll be there for sure!” Mariane Magalhães

"The Songwriting Retreat shifted my life in such a positive way. I quit my band the night I returned home, moved to Los Angeles within 4 weeks and completely changed how I thought of myself as a songwriter. I still remain in contact with many of the people I met at the retreat and collaborate with them regularly. I would do it again in a heartbeat!" Evan Blum 

"The Songwriting Retreat was unlike anything I’ve been to before.  The setting, the people, the songwriting sessions - it all flowed so naturally and organically. The guest speakers, the co-writing sessions, performances and meals -- definitely an all around 5 star experience." Greg 

"My enthusiasm did not wane throughout the course of the weekend. It was such a lovely event. You did a great job of organizing and the best part is you did it from your heart and soul. Thank you for your immediate warmth and generosity." Jaclyn 


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